Chantal Liatowitsch, 30 years, from Basel, Switzerland. She’s married and has two little girls. When she’s not busy with her kids and the household, she manages to run her lifestyle and fashionblog.

She love the busy life, but in her everyday life with kids and office work it is hard to have time only for fashion, glamour and beauty. Nevertheless, she believes and likes to prove to make it possible to stay fashionable.

Additional she has to say, that she’s not the typical girlie type who spends hours in front of the mirror (even sometimes she’d like to do that;)) or shopping all day long and searching for the latest fashion and outfits in fashion magazines, as there is no time for 24h fashion. She likes to keep her outfits plain and simple but still unique. With her personal blog she would like to share classy and neat style and inspire others with her style, even for those who have not only time for clothes, make-up and fashion all the time.

Her motivation to run her blog is therefore:

“You have to make time for things you love”