30 secrets about me


First I was bereft of ideas what facts or secrets I should tell you about me, until I had the idea to play a game with my kids and my mom to get some thoughts for this post. The task was very simple: just write a few things what you like about the person:). It […]

27. July 2017

Statement pieces


No closet is complete without a few signature pieces or essentials of a well-balanced wardrobe. Also statement  accessories are  always helping to round  out your look.        You all know how much I love off-the shoulder items and I think they shouldn’t miss in a woman’s wardrobe. Off-the shoulder tops or dresses practically […]

17. July 2017

Bonding on mom’s birthday


I love organizing birthdays and even more for my family. The most important thing was for my mom’s special day to spend quality time together. Actually, I enjoy arranging other birthdays more than mine, as I love to make other people happy.  We were in Lucerne – it’s a city in the central of Switzerland […]

12. July 2017

My sales must haves


Actually I’m not a sales hunter because I think it’s such a chaos in the stores and I can’t find anything, what I really like. But I had a good excuse, because the girls wanted to go shopping as well:p so I had a look too at at Zara, Mango and H&M. Everywhere I saw […]

5. July 2017

Why blogging makes me happy


Our girls were in bed and I was baking a fresh bread for the next morning (you probably think: what a exemplary mom – but honestly I really don’t do this often :)). While kneading the dough, the idea came up to write about why I starded blogging and what makes me happy about it. […]

28. June 2017

Why every woman needs a shirtdress


You have seen me now in so many off the shoulder pieces, that it’s time for something different, although I could wear them every dayJ. But as much as I love off the shoulder tops or dresses I really appreciate shirtdresses! Those kind of dresses are super effortless to throw on! I like dresses which […]

21. June 2017

Sandy tones


Coming closer to summer and summer holidays I’m thinking about where we should stay for our family summer vacation. Maybe we’re driving through Spain or Italy, but we have no plans yet:). I’m dreaming about strolling around cities with lots of little cafes and restaurants, having long beach walks, swimming in the sea and of […]

17. June 2017

Casual Tuesday


One of my most appreciated pieces in my wardrobe are white button downs and a good pair of denim shorts. I mean, I really love to be in jeans, t-shirt and sneakers as it’s just so appropriate and easy, notably around days working from home and being with my kids. The white top is not […]

13. June 2017

A fresh trend in white


In my previous post you’ve read about how I love light dresses for the coming hot season. It’s really getting hot now and the dresses should be getting hotter as well, don’t they:). You will have to wear long pants sooner as you wish, when it’s getting colder (but don’t think about that yet please:)). […]

7. June 2017

Summer is around the corner


Spring is almost gone and you might be thinking already what to wear during the hot season or maybe pack for your summer holidays. Starting this season I’d like to wear effortless chic and light outfits. My favorite summer items are definitely going to be dresses like off the shoulders, bare-shoulders or one-shoulder (really any […]

1. June 2017