What does style mean to you?

Well, we are already in February and Spring season is around the corner…I was alot looking online for new clothes for Spring and Summer but I kept waiting. Nevertheseless, the fashion trend experienced now a 90s revival anyway, so I was thinking I will just grab my old clothes from the wardrobe. I was also thinking: do we really have to wear always the latest trends to keep in style. What is style in your opinion anyway? In my eyes style hasn’t to do always to wear the latest fashion, style is something that is created in years and is the way you are dressed and how you feel about it. You should also be comfortable with what you are wearing, only then it makes you really happy and you will have your personal style!

So in this blogpost I wanna show you how I created a lot of diffrents looks with just two different suits (which I arleady had from last year). As for me a good power suit is always a good idea and those classic pieces will never go out of trend. Don’t you agree? For example this kaki suit I combined the whole look monochrome with just adding a kaki coloured sweater and also added a little asseccories the headband. If you change the top into a black simple one, wear boots instead of sneakers and add a hat you have a completely different and more sophisticated outfit. The same rules apply equally to the black suit and you can just play with changing the top and adding different asseccories. With the oversized pants and knit sweater you have a really casual look but wearing the suit with a silky blouse you are ready for a office meeting or going out for dinner. To finalize my post I would like to draw your attention that investing in classic and timeless pieces are much more better than buying every season new clothes, wear it once and then throw or give it away. We should consider doing much more for our environment. What are your thoughts in this topic? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a wonderful weeknd and thank you for stopping by at my blog.

xx. C.


Kaki Suit and sweater: www.na-kd.com

Black trousers: www.mango.com

Satin blouse: www.mytheresa.com

Black blazer: www.pinko.com

black boots: www.bershka.com

Sneakers: Golden goose www.farfetch.com

White bag: off white www.farfetch.com


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