Daily skin care routine with Dermalogica

I’m a huge fan of Dermalogica since many years now and I really don’t have the smoothest skin at all…to the contrary. I have big pores and impurities and on places oily skin but on other dry skin. But of course your skin reacts also from in the air containing pollutants, hormonel effects, stress and at least your skin is also genetic determined. Not all are the lucky ones with the baby smooth skin :). In my case I have a mixed and impure skin, unfortunately. But thanks to Dermalogica I got my skin problems under control. After cleansing my face with the ultracalming cleanser I use the Charocal Rescue Masque. It says itself….it rescues my skin from spots:). It works detoxify  and gives your skin the bustling effect. Impurities will be removed and pores are getting refined. After taking off the mask you have a beautiful and natural glow. It’s up to you how many times you wanna use it..personally I think 2-3 times a week are perfect. And I small tipp: Put the mask on before showering and after 3-5 minutes you can wash the mask off under the shower.

Before applying my make up or when I go out I use the Prisma Protect with SPF30 to moisturize your skin and also it blocks 85 % pollutans contained in the air and of course it protects you from sunlight, what is really important!!! I use daily SFP20-30 even in winter.

Further I’m using the BioLumin C Serum daily – mornings and evenings – and it smoothens your skin and as well reduce wrinkles and in my case also helps to reduce skin pigments (I have alot pigments at my forehead and it’s getting worse in summer when I get tanned). I like using this BioLumin Serum too at night because it feels really rich and hydrating. Since your cells are regenerating while you are sleeping, I like having this one soak into my skin while I catch some zzz’s and wake up without crust around my eyes (you guys know what I’m talking about:)).

I fell deeply in love with their clean products and brand ethos and I use them for many many years now and can only highly recommend them! There you have it all the worth the money:). Which are your favorite skin care products? Let me know in the  comments below!

Have a great weekend!

xx C.

*in collaboration with Dermalogica Switzerland





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