It’s that time of the year….

How can it be almost end of the year..time really flies, and I keep telling it every year – so cliche, but it’s just like that. My elder daughter will be 10 and the little one 7 nexty year, but I remember them when they were so little and you had to carry them along. Now those little ones become gradually little intedpent human beings. As for myselft getting older the most important thing is to enjoy every moment with my family and as now Christmas is approaching I always like to create something special for my family especially for my kids. I hope they’re going to believe in Santa for many more years…. 🙂

Speaking about Santa…my kids always write a letter to Santa with their wishlist of toys and Santa (that’s then me:)) writes them back how they behave and what they did great this year and what not. It’s such a fun and nice tradition. Do you have any Christmas traditions? Furthermore I always have a advent calendar for both of my girls..and I did them always by myself. Althoug I noted that all those little present in each little bag they land somewhere and they don’t use it really. So this year I was thinking what they like the most..and at the moment they love books and reading. So I made it easy and ordered a Pixi Book advent calendear..each day a new book! Sounds maybe simple and it’s not the prettiest calendar as when you make it by yourself, but sometimes the simple things are the best. And of course there will be some chocolate:) This year I also didn’t want to give only material things as a present, rather spending time together like a nice theater, trip or something we remember. That’s why I chose to have a family shooting with my girls and dog to keep those nice moments forever. So many moments are only on our phones and digital but with those photos I will definitely put them in frames and the best thing you can gift them also to your family. That is also what Laura, my friend and photographer tells. She wants to create those special moments and hold them in a photo…And she really does! It’s amazing what eye she has behind the lense and the whole family enjoys being together. So that’s why we want to share with you a little present as well..15 Euros discount for a one hour family shooting. Visit the link so you can see what everything is in the family shooting package and book your photo session now with Laura Caldes.

Oferta Black Friday

Close of the year now, I’d like to wish all of my readers and followers a peaceful holiday season and enjoy your time with your beloved ones.

xx C.

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