Still wondering how to wear crop tops?

First, you want to decide how bare you’re willing to go – fully covered up, a sliver of skin or maximum midsection exposure. Then, plan accordingly: If you’ve found a skimpy bra top that you love, but are a bit sceptical wearing it outdoors, try layering it under a button-down and revealing as much or as little as you want over the course of day, depending on how much you’re feeling yourself at any given moment. If you’re tending towards boxier styles, try them with a midi skirt for a more feminie look, or low-slung pants for a very on trend 90s vibe.

At the beginning, I was horrified by the idea of people wearing crop tops. But then I began to see women styling them in seriously amazing ways and I sort of started to want one. Wearing a crop top doesn’t mean putting on a bralette and low-rise jeans, unless you want to look like Britney Spears back in 2002..if so, that’s fine:). But today’s crop top trend is a little bit more covered up. The best way to wear a daytime-appropriate crop top is with something high-waisted. The point is, it shouldn’t look like you’re headed to the beach, it should look chic and cool. So what I tried to do, is to wear my off the shoulder crop top with high-waisted loose linen pants and the matching blazer. And I totally love this light linen suit with the print and the oversized blazer with the puffer shoulder makes it so modest yet stylish and  I think this suit with the crop top can pretty much take you anywhere on your social calender. I threw on slipppers for an easy casual look during the day but wear sandals or high heels to get your look to a next level.

What about you, are you a fan of crop tops?


Suit: Zimmermann

Crop Top:

Slippers: Soludos

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