Slow fashion with Susan Tyler

Today’s mainstream fashion industry relies on globalized, mass production where garments are transformed from the design stage to the retail floor in only a few weeks. With retailers selling the latest fashion trends at very low prices, consumers are easily swayed to purchase more than they need. But this overconsumption comes with a hidden price tag, and it is the environment and workers in the supply chain that pay.
Slow Fashion is not a typical seasonal fashion trend, it is a movement that is steadily gaining dynamic and is likely here to stay. Today, I want to share on my blog slow fashion with Susan Tyler, a friend of mine, a creative and inspiring lady and a designer of those beautiful dresses, which Susan and I are wearing.
Susan always had “a thing” with fashion! Ever since she was a little girl she loved to play in her grandmother’s closet, inspired by the bold colors and prints of the 60’s and 70’s, but also the simple lines of the dresses and coats of that era. Susan notoriously changed her outfit several times a day:) She has always had her own style and created her own looks. Coming from a lineage of people who were, and are, “makers,” she has always been fascinated with things made by hand. Moving to Mallorca she got inspired by the way of life here, found beautiful fabrics in the market and began to design dresses. what I love about what she said to me, when I interviewed her: “You feel fashion by creating it yourself, it’s personal, the whole process, choosing the materials and seeing the result of that created item…..I love the whole process.” (“And I really love being able to share them with friends!”) Susan is a person who loves to connect and when she has an idea she‘s searching for the right people and brings everything together. She works with a Spanish modista, who does all the cutting and sewing, Susan searches the local market and store for fabrics and trimmings.
Coming to the dresses: they are absolutely comfortable to wear and totally versatile. Susan wanted to create dresses, that every woman can wear. Her pieces are classic and simple, so you could wear them with funky boots or with shiny tip toes but it’s also perfect if you’re going to the beach, as it’s super light. The dresses are made 100 % from cotton and are not synthetic, what I personally really like about them. The pockets are just a perfect addition to the dress..I mean pockets with a dress, this is brilliant right? Each dress has a different but unique color, I love the turquoise for summer and the dress Susan is wearing could be worn throughout the year….as coverup or dress in the summer, or as a long sweater over jeans for the autumn. Wearing a piece, that a friend made for you is something special and you will keep items like them longer, this is what I really appreciate about slow fashion. What do you think about slow fashion? I’m curious to read your opinions.
X. C.


Written by Susan Tyler and Chantal Liatowitsch

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  1. Ich liebe diesen style liebes. So ein tolles kleid die kann man im sommer so gut tragen und kombiniere .
    Danke für die Inspiration.

  2. Wonderful article! Well written and you have a point! Beautiful pics and love the peaceful vibe on all of them! Xxx Carla

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