My style in my 20’s vs. 30’s

Can you remember what you have worn 10 years ago? It’s so funny when you’re looking back what people have worn in the past! I do remember those skirt and leggins looks (omg :)) and the boys with all the Ed Hardy’s shirts. Of course fashion is always a varying movement and so is also your personal style.

Finding your own style needs maybe some time and it’s also kind of self-discovery. I’m sure you tried some different styles during your teenage time?:) I must say after 20 I was pretty sure about my style. I always liked the bohemian and casual looks but with 20 I didn’t dare to try much different styles. Now with the years I got more confident and certain about what I really like and found my “own style”. For example in this post I wear pinstripe pants and a blush pink velvet bomber jacket, which I would have never worn 10 years before. In my twenties or teenies had my jeans and shirt looks and I loved fancy leather jackets and nice coats, but that was it. Though, I always liked designer bags and shoes:) Now I love experementing with textures and colour combinations.

This pinstripe pants from is a totaly new addition to my wardrobe. The power print typical of Wall Street bankers was reimagined in stylish ways by front row regulars shows. Since they come in a variety of styles, pinstripe pants are a versatile additon to your closet. Plus their subtle vertical stripes help elongate your frame, so they’re flattering option for different body types. While certain tops create a classic combination, there is a possibility to wear cute options from day to night. Also those trousers have a polished, professional look that makes them ideal work wear. If you’re styling them for the office, pair them with a flattering, fitted button-down blouse. For a classic look, wear black pinstripe pants with a crisp white button-down and top it with a blazer. You can also dress them down as part of a casual outfit, and as you might know me, this is more my style. Therefore, I threw on sneakers and this pink velvet bomber to create again a mix and match look:).

How about you, has your style changed alot during all the years? I’m curious about it, let me know:)

Have a lovely evening!

x. C.



Jacket: Lovers & Friends via

Sneakers: Gucci via

Handbag: Prada via

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