The new sporty look

Side-stripe trousers have made their way in and out of the spotlight over the past few months, but due to a grown-up athleisure-inspired attire hitting the market and catwalk spot, it seems there’s no better time to invest in these statement trousers. And even better, those side-stripe pants you can also get in the luxe material velvet. Also they come in so many different silhouettes, from cropped, skinnys to tuxedo slacks. But the velvet side-stripe pants are really taking over.

And while looser, slouchier fits have been one of the biggest movements this season, it’s this graphic touch that’s adding a much-needed dose of sporty, dynamic energy to pants, which, at the end of the day, you can only do so much with.

To dress them down and make them work for every day, I’m inspired by my velvet sightings at fashion week/month so far. Pair it with trendy silhouettes like a bomber jacket or mid-shaft booties and velvet doesn’t feel dated or overly, maybe just fancy don’t they? Or mix with different textures like I did, I simply wore a knit jumper for an comfortable daily look. But there are so many ways to wear the fuzzy pants. You could add a matching blazer for a fail-proof look. Or you could pair them with a sheer frilly blouse for the ultimate feminine touch.

Don’t forget to play with pretty accessories to get a special note in the whole look. As for me I created the finish with a little cute bag from Louis Vuitton and voilà, off you go. Do you like the new sporty look?

Wish you a fantastic weekend.

x. C



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