How becoming a mommy changed my life

It’s been over seven years now since I became a mom! I’d like to say that I’m the same person…but I’m not. I have been filled with so much love from motherhood that I have so much more to give to others. Motherhood really has changed my life a lot!

Recently, one of my best friend mentioned that I have become more snappy and organized. She knows me quite well as we went to the same school together. We enjoyed our nightlife out with friends and went to parties together. Back at this time, I was a very spontaneous and disorderly person and didn’t care much about what will I do for the next coming weeks, months and years. Presently, I’m quite the opposite: I like to pre-plan everything on schedule especially in our daily life. Pre-planning things is okay in my opinion, especially infants that need a routine in sleeping and eating times, which I care a great deal about. Nowadays, my two daughters go to school. We have made a good routine schedule but at times it’s not always easy with kids and their mini meltdowns:) Try to get a sleepy 7 year old girl out of bed and she wont’ get up and dress!!! Meanwhile, the smaller one doesn’t want to wear the clothes which I have prepared the night before and and and (I’m smiling though, while writing this part:)). These can really be a pain in the neck, but I love them to the moon and back and never felt more loved and cared by them. To all parents: you know what I mean, right:)?

However, there are days that I get worried and anxious about certain things in life, which I never thought of before. Sometimes, it drives me crazy of thinking constanly about my kids if they are okay in school or my husband is okay too. I do care a lot about my family! Being confident and self assured makes me determined to become a good mom for my kids as I know what is the best for them.

Through all those years, I have realized that there are different needs in life – need as a family, needs of a husband or married couple but most of all, my need to bring everything under one roof which is not easy sometimes. It is manageable though if every family member takes part of giving and taking. With “give” and “take” I mean for example, when I was on a kids birthday party the whole day, spending the time with my girls, doing some arts and crafts, played games, etc., my kids have to know and understand that mommy or daddy need to do some other things too. My husband and I worked well together making our schedule convenient and suitable as planned. Of course, there are our lovely moms aka grandmas who sometimes babysit our angels, so we got some special couple time to ourselves. It’s so important to have this balance in a family life – that will definitely makes it easier and enjoyable.

Lastly, I have learned through motherhood the importance of living in the moment. As I said, it’s okay to be precised with your plans, but sometimes the best things just happen when you least expect it!

Send you much love and wish you a great weekend.






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  1. Ein schöner & authentischer Beitrag! Ich bin zwar selbst keine Mami aber kann deine Gedanken und dein bedachtes Handeln mit all der Planung total nachvollziehen. Auch ich bin ein kleiner Chaot – jetzt einen kleinen Knirps dazwischen, da müsste auch ich mich umstellen 😉 Vor allem finde ich es toll, dass du neben dem “Mami-Dasein” doch noch du selber geblieben bist. Du gehst aus, machst dich schick (wie in dem Look auf den Bildern, toller Lederrock übrigens!) und verbringst bewusst Zeit mit deinem Mann. Ich finde das ist neben der Rolle als Mami auch sehr wichtig und finde es toll wie du das alles meisterst! Kisses <3

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