How to keep creative

Since I’ve starting blogging, I am on the screen a lot, and I mean really a lot! From being on social medias, blogs and writing post or editing pictures. To keep writing and bringing good content you need to be of course fresh and inspired and also you need a off-time from watching constanly into a screen! It’s hard to generate ideas, when you’re brain is kind of blocked and there are certainly times when I don’t feel overly fresh or creative.

However, I decide to take a break then and take time for other activities than blogging. I put myself in places where I’m likely to be inspired for example walking at the beach, sitting in cafes at my favorite place or hanging out with my kids. It’s the moment when I say: let’s go out girls, even for a walk just around our neighbour hood. Those breaks helps me to bring me closer to my goals. Likewise, I try to meet inspirational people, watching great movies or even read inspiring books. Often though I just do some fun stuff with my kids and hubby, as I think, doing mindless activity brings back the creativity instead of constantly overthinking. Getting fresh air and move your body is the key:) (and it’s also good for kids:p).

To take a rest will balance the work and private life which all of you should do to avoiding burnouts! Don’t stress to much, if you can’t change anyway and focus on yourself and your beloved ones. Being a mom-blogger-wife I need also sometimes just „me-time“ which I rarely have and I’ve started on a weekly base to do sport, or sometimes I treat myself with a facial care:). Things are getting better, when you’re feeling better or great, isn’t it?

Therefore, I wanted to share with you in this post moments with my kids: running around, many giggles and playing while doing a shooting. Ok we could do maximum a   45 minutes shoot maybe and then we were off to the playground *g*.

Last but not least, I like attempt to improve myself being a blogger what means I often do mini-projects regarding outfits and contents and it often itend to find myself as well, what I love about this job!! I’d like to know, what do you do to keep yourself fresh and  creative?

Have an inspiring weekend:)

x. C


Shorts: Levis

T-shirt: Levis t-shirt kids: here link or

Kids shorts: similar here link

Espadrilles: Dirty grey 

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8 Replies to “How to keep creative”

  1. Oh nein – wie süß sind denn diese Bilder von Euch dreien bitte??? Zucker!! 🙂 Und ich kenne das was du beschreibst sehr gut. Wer einen Blog und dann meißtens noch mehre Social Media Kanäle führt, hängt fast schon zwangsläufig ständig am Handy oder Computer. Da ist es wirklich so wichtig, auch einfach mal eine Pause zu machen, um wieder das ‘wahre’ Leben richtig zu fühlen! Und wenn es, wie du schon schreibst, nur ein kleiner Spaziergang ist 🙂

    Ich wünsche Dir einen wunderbaren Mittwoch und eine tolle Restwoche!
    Liebste Grüße an Dich! ♥ Saskia von DemWindentgegen

    1. oh wie süss Saskia, danke für deinen Kommentar!!! :)eine Auszeit zu nehmen ist immer gut, um das wieder frisch für Neues zu sein:) xx

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