Endless summer

It’s midsummer and I’m just loving it! And honestly I’m not yet ready for wearing sweaters and boots. To the contrary, I love to soak everything out of summer and I’d like to tell you guys in this post what you can’t miss in the last month in summertime:

  • Spend time outside as much as you can and enjoy literally every sunshine and stay out as well in the evenings (it’s going to be cold sooner as you wish and you’re sitting again inside). It’s beautiful having a long day outside maybe with a pic-nic and watch the sunsets…
  • Invite friends for bbq and have a good time:) And talking about food: eat food, which you can’t buy in winter…from seasonal fruits and vegetable (how I’m gonna miss water melons & cherries:p)
  • Wear your favorite summer dress, sandals, shorts or tee as much as you can and maybe get some end of summer sales pieces:)

Coming to my summer look, I’m just wearing black shorts and a white t-shirt and basic looks are working pretty much always. The tee got a deep back, what I absolutely adore and I ordered it in size M to get the oversized flow. Personally, I like to tuck the shirt into the shorts to have a nice casual look. However in this look I like to have a breach of style and add as well a blob of color. Adding a pop of color it’s quite simple, you can wear a colorful handbag or glowy accessories. In my case I just threw on my white/red beach slippers to have my color-contrasting and voilà you’re ready for a day out in the sun!

Enjoy your endless summer…send you lots of love! xx



T-shirt: http://www.nakd.com

Shorts: http://www.alexanderwang.com

Wallet: http://www.prada.com

Slippers: http://www.thewhitebrand.com


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