30 secrets about me

First I was bereft of ideas what facts or secrets I should tell you about me, until I had the idea to play a game with my kids and my mom to get some thoughts for this post. The task was very simple: just write a few things what you like about the person:). It was quite fun to do the game and I love the results!

Turning 30 last Monday was nothing about I was affraid of, to the contrary I was looking forward to it as I like the imagination that people now find me finally more mature as I look  quite young (people always keep telling me how young I look and having two kids and being married). It’s also a day you reflect and think about wrong or good decisions and maybe what you have learned and still need to learn. So here I am with my thirty years and I’d like to share with you 30 secrets and facts about me and also what I have learned in the last 30 years:

  1. I was 23 years young when I got married to my love of my life and as well when we got our first child
  2. my zodiac sign is lion – anyone else too:)?
  3. My mom is from the Philippines and my dad is half Swiss and half Italian – so I’m a mixture of everything:)
  4. before being married and having kids I was a big party girl – every weekend out in a club:)
  5. I love baking, especially now having two kids – and they say I do it quite well
  6. I couldn’t really cook though before when I’ve met my husband – now it’s me who cooks everyday *g*
  7. When I’m traveling without my hubby I’m always wearing a t-shirt from him at nighttime *psst* 🙂
  8. I love men perfume more than the woman ones
  9. Besides fashion I love architecure, traveling, animals (especially dogs and horses) and good foooood
  10. You can say that I’m the kind of girl, that greets dogs on the street 🙂
  11. I’m also a petrol head like my hubby – we love nice cars and fast ones:p
  12. Favorite sport: volleyball and horseback riding and yes car racing too of course
  13. My favorite clothing: denim, t-shirt and sneakers:p – I love it more casual
  14. Favorite fashion brand: Alicia&Oliva
  15. I’m wearing contact lenses – I’m pretty much blind without them or without glasses:)
  16. We have a mini-pig called Pebbles as a pet – she’s the cutest pig *love*
  17. Prioritize your relationships: in the last 30 years a certain thing I have learned is to surround yourself with people who lifts you up and do really want to spend time with you
  18. Also quality over quantity: it’s not how many friends you have but the most important thing: having real friends who really are here for you
  19. I’ve learned that being nice to everyone is a positive and important thing in life as well as not judging people by their “status” or how they’re looking or how much trendy they are. The character counts!
  20. I’m quite impatient and like everything perfect and I think I need to learn that sometimes things needs time
  21. I can’t watch any horror movies anymore…I used to love them but being a mommy now changed that I think..I’m more scared to those things
  22. I didn’t like coffee at all…I think it was 3 yrs ago when I start liking it
  23. Also I dind’t like reading nor writing at school but now I simply love it!
  24. Eating healthy: something I didnt really care about 10 years ago but now it’s really important to me (but I balance it – I don’t eat only salad or fruits, I love burgers and chips too:p)
  25. Favorite food: avocado, rice and mango
  26. I love to live ecoconscious and would like to do more for our surrounding world
  27. I’m a believer of achieving your goals if you’re doing them by heart and with passion (I know your hear that everywhere, but I feel that way too:))
  28. I’m also a believer of living a happy life has to do something that you always choose happines and being positiv and don’t stress too much what others think
  29. I’m a night person (that’s why it’s almost midnight now when I finished the post)
  30. Last one? Hmm….I like to be genuinely interested in others an I’m an open person, who likes also to learn from others! That helps for relation/friendships or connecting with other people I guess. So let me know your secrets, achievements, fears etc. if you like:) in the comments below!

Coming back to my birthday celebration I was together with my family and closest friends. My husband organised everything and I didn’t know anything where the party would be! But he knows me by heart and he set up everything by my taste: a realxing day at the beachblub in Grand folies (Andraxt-Mallorca) with culinary high level kitchen with beautiful sea views and the next day a boattrip and always with the best company! Sharing moments like these and making memories with friends were the best gift for my birthday I could wish for!

I hope you liked the bit more personal post – the next one is going to be again more into fashion:) Have a great Thursday!

X. C.IMG_9537IMG_9549FullSizeRenderIMG_9554IMG_9555IMG_9558IMG_9561IMG_9569IMG_9580IMG_9588IMG_9589IMG_9603

Dress: http://www.lovelypepacollection.com

Mules: http://www.gucci.com

Hairband: http://www.zara.com

Sunglasses: http://www.rayban.com

10 Replies to “30 secrets about me”

  1. I’ll keep saying this: you rock that boho-chic look my beautiful girl! What an amazing post, love to get to know you a little better with this simple yet important questions. I’m so number 8 and definitely a night person too, great minds think alike 😉♥️

    1. Yes your comments mostly are after midnight😝 glad you liked the bit more personal post and I’m always thankful for your comments! Thank you so much mi princesa! Un abrazo❤️

  2. Thank you for the wonderful memories you have given for the 30 years. Thank you for your beautiful heart & caring ways. You are an amazing daughter! Love you always Mom❤️

  3. Love this blog post my dear :D- So many things I learned about you now.

    And OMG you have a mini pig??? This is like the biggest wish of my husband, but I don’t dare to get one hahah. You gotta show it to us 😀 😀

    <3 Sara from The Cosmopolitas

    1. Thank you so much dear Sara for youe comment! 😍 glad you likes this more personal post:) yes we have a mini pig ..I will definitely show it to you😀Happy almost weekend to you! Cx

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