Bonding on mom’s birthday

I love organizing birthdays and even more for my family. The most important thing was for my mom’s special day to spend quality time together. Actually, I enjoy arranging other birthdays more than mine, as I love to make other people happy. 

We were in Lucerne – it’s a city in the central of Switzerland – and we were strolling around in the old town and at the lake side. The Vierwaldstaetter See/ Lake Lucerne is one of my favorite lakes and belongs to the most wonderful scenic landscape of Switzerland. My girls have never been there before either so I thought it was a perfect location. We had lunch in a restaurant with beautiful lake and mountain views and the food was excellent! It was a really wonderful day and when you get the opportunity to visit Switzerland don’t miss Lucerne in your travel trips!

Now let’s talk about my outfit: in my previous post I mentioned that I was lucky to buy at the summer sale two dresses and this one in my post is one of them. Floral dresses are perfect for any kind of party events in summer time! It makes you really happy wearing it while it’s still very modest and orange is a great summer color likewise. In the morning it was still a bit chilly so I just threw on a light jeans blouse to complement the outfit. As I knew we were the whole day out, I prefered wearing comfortable slip on’s and a big shopper bag. The black choker completed the entire outfit and gave it an edgy touch:).

I hope you like my look and the next birthday is gonna be mine 🙂 the big 30 and I will tell you 30 secrets about me in my next post and of course you will read everything about the celebration:) Stay tuned!

xoxo C.









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  1. Such an amazing dress beauty, really love the floral print! Looks like you had an amazing time with your mom! Really looking forward to read your next post babe, big kisses 😉❤️

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