Why blogging makes me happy

Our girls were in bed and I was baking a fresh bread for the next morning (you probably think: what a exemplary mom – but honestly I really don’t do this often :)). While kneading the dough, the idea came up to write about why I starded blogging and what makes me happy about it.
Usually when kids are in bed I’m happy to spend some relaxing time with my hubby and there are days I’m so glad to lie on the sofa and do nothing and just relax..maybe days when my two girls are fighting  – and they do a lot at the moment – I’m just pleased the day is over (oh god, how will that be when they’re 13😩) because sometimes I’ve just run out with my patience…and I even have no ideas what to cook and feel really unmotivated to do anything. Some mommys out there who feel the same?-.- The most will say, that’s normal that they fight, right:)? Nevertheless we love them to the moon and back and even further… don’t we:) And I’m so proud to have them in my life and see them growing especially when they’re learning new things! But sometimes is just hard to deal with the argues. But life is not always glamorous, it’s real, sometimes tough but being a mom and wife is the best thing in my life that happend!

Besides being (the most of the time) mom and handling the accountancy of my husband’s company, we have a really regularly everyday life with bringing and fetching kids from school, household/cooking and office work. I knew though, that I need to do for me something different and needed my “own thing” and the most important thing: what makes me happy too. It’s a kind of a change and balance to my every day life! Creating my blog was THE THING and I’m so grateful I’ve started it!

For me blogging has to do something to have the courage to show your ideas! Further I have had always the flair for getting connected and love getting to learn new people. Instagram had shown me there are so many lovely and creative people out there and inspiring in their own ways! And I believe it’s the age of influence marketing too – analitics says that companies are selling out an $255 Millon per month for influencer-sponsored posts on Instagram alone! It’s the time of you guys out there:-)

What makes me the most happy about blogging, is to be creative and connecting with other people. I make always time, if it’s possible, to work on my blog, but I had to learn that being creative  is not always at a certain time…the most ideas come when your mind is free, then all flows out:) But sometimes great ideas are coming when I’m just doing my daily duties, like while I’m cooking:-) Likewise I had to determine that under pressure or stress I can’t be creative! Again it’s a balance – you get your ideas, when you’re mind is free! Hope I inspired you and wish a good week.

x C.


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  1. Totally agree with you babe, best part of blogging is the people you meet along the way, people like you 🤗! And yes, we all should have our little oasis to get away from reality, my happy moment is my drawing ❤️❤️

  2. My dear! Thank you always for your supporting comments!!❤️And thank you social media that I could meet you here! You’re such an angel🌟Oh you have to tell me one day or show me your drawings😍👌🏾💕

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