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Today I was cleaning up my closet and put all my winter clothes in a suitcase and brought them finally down in the cellar. Summer is now really around the corner!! I use the tidy up also to put clothes away which I don’t want anymore and donate them always to a charity or send them to the Philippines (where my mom comes from) and give them to the poor people. Helping other people makes me really happy and it tells me always how really lucky we are in life! So please don’t forget that and appreciate your life and what you have and don’t whine what you don’t have!

Likewise the feeling of a fresh and umblemished wardrobe is just great! While I was organizing my cupboard, I found my spring and summer clothes from last year and you’re like: „Oh look what I found“ „Ah here is that t-shirt, which I’ve been searching for so long“…you might also know those situations, don’t you:)? Immediately, I’ve started creating „new“ outfits with my older clothes or mixed new with old items. The key with old pieces is just to style them differently and combine them with other accessoires or items.

And here is one of my new-old oufit for you, hope you like it:). The black top is from Topshop and the sandals are from Rag&bone (both items from last summer). I felt like wearing black, as black is always beautiful but it was already kind too hot to shoot:p

Have a great weekend.

X  C.IMG_9212IMG_9202IMG_9213IMG_9199IMG_9234IMG_9231IMG_9224IMG_9229IMG_9206IMG_9236IMG_9200



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  1. Perfect all black ensemble! I’m a huge fan of black, as you already know by now, and this is a gorgeous fit my pretty! Big kisses 💋💋

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