Strong confident colour

As much as I love neutreal colours or black and white outfits, sometimes I feel wearing a strong and confident colour like: r e d. This cute blouse with the ribbons on the sleeves is very feminine but the red makes it at the same time to a confident top. And the bird print on it makes the blouse bit more lively and interesting. Do you wear also sometimes the colour which depends on your mood or gravitates you? The key to wear a strong colour is still that you truly feel comfortable with it and that you love it!

When wearing red, I like to keep the rest of my outfit simple. The cute bow on the blouse adds the romance to the outfit while wearing silver sneakers and simple black jeans you’ve got the sporty part. I really like this kind of spory chic look:). I am often dressed in jeans and t-shirt, but always love to add colours!

However I was still bit struggling wearing the A.P.C handbag in the colour burgundy but red tones over red tones, works completely fine for me:). And I absolutely adore this bag, an ideal and elegant every-day bag.

Send you much love.

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  1. This outfit is definitely a winner babe, love the statement blouse and the ribbon details, so feminine! Also loving your space-inspired sneakers, Happy almost weekend love! xxx

  2. Love this outfit, my dear! The blouse is just too cute, especially the details!

    When it comes to wearing colors, I’m totally like you :). I usually stick to neutral colors, but when I add some bright color to it then it’s mainly just one detail or a piece combined with neutral colors.

    XX Sara from The Cosmopolitas

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