Mix and match

Already last year in fall it was all about ruffles, fancy sleeves, off shoulders, floral and stripes patterns and hoodies and those trends will definitely continue in spring and summer. In many famous fashion houses you’ll find the widespreaded mix’n’match styling like sporty jogging trousers mixed with elegant shoes or tops, shiny skirts with casual tops etc.. For the current transition clothes from spring to summer you can really bring those kind of styles to a next level. You just have to have the certainty to wear it and it’s doubtless that now it’s the time that you wear what you want whenever and however – it’s your decision:).

You might have recognize the pink ruffle dress from Zara (from the last post about Jamaica) and I decided to wear it again, by reason of loving this airy kind of dresses. Talking about bringing your ouftit to the next level I easily threw on an oversized hoodie from ADPT (found it at ZalandoJ) and voilà: I’ve got my mix-and-match outfit – ruffle dress and hoodie:).

Last but not least, I wore my adidas originals and I really was already thinking in that moment: what a absolute comfy outfit. To finish the look I’ve decided to add a bit of sparkle and wore my silver handbag from Pinko and you’re ready to stroll around the city, where I have actually been to shoot this look.

What do you think about these mix-n-match styles?

Have a wonderful week ahead.

X C.



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