Show your cold shoulders

I really love showing my shoulders and I think it’s one of my favorite body part to baring as it’s a charming way to show a bit skin. I’ve never been that type of girl who liked to show a lot of skin like the decolté or belly body parts. For me showing bared shoulders is the kind of way you underline your femininity but adding a bit of secrecy. That’s why I think off-shoulders or strapless tops are going to be one of my favorite pieces for spring and summer.

I absolutely fell in love with this white off-shoulder top from Mango. It’s a flirty and cute top with a tad of ruffles that makes the silhouette a bit more exciting. I combined it with my grey ombré-jeans from J Brand and threw on my new mules from Gucci. I was really unsure first to get some Gucci mules but I’m glad I’ve got them in the end:). The animal prints on it are just perfect for spring aren’t they? I’m really looking forward wearing them throughout 2017 because they’re so chic and effortless to slip on and match with many outfits. To finish my spring look I wanted to add some more colors and wore my bluegreenish braided bag from Prada and I absolutely adore the braided pattern. At the Mango store I found also some really cute earrings with the colors corall and green and thought they will perfectly fit to give the look a personal note.

My favorite items for Spring are definitely off-shoulder tops and mules. Have you any pieces for Spring you love? Let me know in the comments.

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