My caribbean escape

It’s been a while since I posted something, as coming back from holidays also means catching up a lot of work. Also my little one’s birthday party was just this weekend and we had to organise everything and I baked  a lot:) So yes, hello everyday life:).

Nevertheless , I often think back to our holidays and as you might know I was in Jamaica with my husband and girls and we had our best family vacation ever. It was our first trip that far away and we were all excited. Travelling to the Caribbean means packing all summer clothes and I summed up for you some outfits.


We stayed in the Half moon resort and were the most of the time there, as we just wanted to have a relaxing time togehter. You could do all sport activities there as it was huge so you could play golf, tennis, do horse back riding and all kind of water sports. For dinner you had also many restaurants to chose from and every evening they had different entertainment. So actually it was easy to pack staying at one place. My advises are brining a lot of dresses as they are light 🙂 and dresses which you can transform from casual to elegant. My two favorites dresses were definetly the pink ruffle dress from Zara and the blue dress from Miss June Paris. They’re just screaming: V a c a t i o n mode on aren’t they:)? In resorts you’re out for breakfast, lunches and dinners all the time (and that was one thing I really enjoyed, being always together with my hubby and kids each meal:P) and so those dresses are perfect. During the day you threw on sandals or flip flops with those dresses and off you go. Wearing them you feel so comfy yet chic. In the evening you could easily wear pumps and you’re ready for dinner.


If one night you prefer looking more elegant then it’s definetly going to be a black dress. I’ve chosen to bring this little black from Alexander Wang. A super light dress with very thin spaghetti straps and low-backed, simple but with that special something. I just love that dress! Put some nice black sandals on and voila.

But the most of the time I wore bikinis and threw on easy beach dresses or just shorts and t-shirts. In the end it has always to be comfortable for me as you run around with the kids or playing with them at the beach. Actually mostly you’re in bikini’s anyway so also one of the items you should think about which ones to pack and also enough:) I think I brought 8 with me but my favorites were definetly the ones from Triangl. They have currently  those velvet bikinis in super great colors or floral patterns and they feel great when you wear them.

Maybe some of you are planning already your summer beach holidays and I hope I could help you a bit:). By the way, Jamaica is a great destination: tropical vibes, great weather and lovely people and the best: In Jamaica it’s all no problem, man;).





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