A mix of casual, sporty and ruffles

Yesterday morning at Valentine’s day I was running around after I dropped of the kids at school, so I was feeling to wear something easy as the most of the time I need a functional outfit. I’m really the skinny jeans type of girl but sometimes I like to alternate. Those soft and highwasted trousers from Minimum was a really good invest, as you can transform from a very casual and sporty outfit to a very elegant one. I chose the sporty look and decided to add a little pop and wore my white Adidas orginals. Well, I also like to mix sporty and elegant pieces, so I thought to wear this cute silky ruffles blouse from H&M. Not to mention that silky materials are so much more comfortable and cherishing. I kept also the warmth in this outfit with the earth and nude tones, which I really adore.

By the way, my husband and I are not Valentine’s day celebrants, as we really don’t want to feel contrained to celebrate our love at this particulary day. We’re more spontanious people and go out for nice dinner when we feel like or give presents to each other when we fancy. However, we’ve got really cute cards from our girls, that was sooo cute and the balloons  were also for them:)  How about you, do you celebrate Valentine’s day? xx C.

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